Alpha Windward offers separate account management as well as a pooled-equity fund, the Carr Total Return Fund. We manage client investment portfolios by integrating our state-of-the-art proprietary research, portfolio construction, trading, accounting and monitoring functions on a highly sophisticated and secure computer network. We consider Alpha Windward to be second to none in our innovative systems and streamlined trading procedures. Our clients’ returns are greater because of our focus on cost and because we leverage our expertise in statistical modeling to optimize investment decisions.

We begin our investment by importing independent external data from Compustat, Ford, Value-Line and Zacks. Our own multi-factor ranking system (MFRS), using a form of artificial intelligence, ranks stocks by their respective Alphas. Comparing the new ranks to those in the current portfolio generates buy/hold/sells lists. The ensuing electronic basket trading is entirely computerized and benefits our clients by ensuring accuracy and tightly controlling transactions and administrative costs.

Communicating with our clients to their satisfaction informs and enhances our approach to managing their investments. We seek to understand our clients’ goals, tolerance for risk, and need for information, in order to ensure that our decisions are fully congruent with their expectations. When clients or other interested parties call us, Alpha Windward’s principals respond personally.

The MFRS Has Revolutionized The Way
Alpha Windward Manages Money

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