• Equity Focus On Blue Chip, High-Quality, Growth-Oriented Companies At A Reasonable Price (GARP)
    • Narrows the MFRS 2000 stock universe down to the largest 200 common stocks traded in the U.S. – AW 200 stock universe
    • In addition to MFRS’ quantitative statistical analysis, conduct traditional fundamental security analysis to seek well-established blue-chip companies that are attractively priced relative to their expected long-term value
    • Invest in high quality securities that are broadly diversified by economic sector and industry group
  • Focus On Companies With Industry Leadership, Strong Management, Solid Financial Strength And Operating Cash Flow, Above-Average Sustainable Growth Rates (High ROE), And Strategic Competitive Advantages
  • Classify These Companies As Wealth Creators, Able To Weather Volatile And Uncertain Market Environments
  • Seek To Maximize After-Tax Returns Through Low Portfolio Turnover And Loss Harvesting
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